In Kazakhstan, the lab refused to investigate the water flushed lake

The villagers Chemolgan that Karasai district of Almaty region, last month raised the alarm: near their village is a lake which in strange circumstances painted in red color and has to exude the stench, the newspaper "Metropolis."

Recall, while local residents have suggested that the problems with their lake are directly related to alcohol plant, which built a few years ago. Villagers suggested that entrepreneurs poured into the lake waste.

Later in the course of the proceedings it became clear that such an unusual color appears at the lake because of emissions of starch flour factory JSC "AziyaAgroFud." Managed and specify odor that comes from the lake. It appears, from the reservoir is hydrogen sulfide, put it more simply, it stinks like rotten eggs. For this reason, the locals can not even open the windows in their homes.

Specialists believe that this body of water is a threat to the ecology of the region.

The concentration of suspended solids in the water is greater than the rate of 20.6 times reported in the management of environmental Karasai. But for a more detailed study of the properties of poisoned water laboratory will not count. Some reply that ended reagents and long gone specialists, others just do not want to take responsibility.

Regional SES, finding no violations when testing at JSC "AziyaAgroFud", gave the nod to continue to operate. However, the factory avoids contact with the media.

Villagers with such rehabilitation flour mill disagree. They argue that the leadership of the SA is trying to shift responsibility to the nearby distillery.

Distillery employees say their dishonest neighbors probably have something to hide, since they avoid meetings with journalists.

Until the reasons why the once lively, clear lake has become a stinking septic tank while so no one dug.

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