In Kiev the abnormal white rain

After the rain.  In puddles gathered abnormal white foam.  Photo: Salalah

In the city there were foamy puddle. Experts suggest that the blame for ragweed or construction.
Yesterday rain scared Kiev — Roads white puddles formed in which, instead of water gathered foam. People gossip, which, they say, was acid rain, but experts suggest that the foam formed urban construction projects and disputes ambrosia.

"This acid rain is white", — said Natalia Oreveva Obolon resident, please call the office. Unusual puddles we found on the street. Ovrutsky, Herzen and Frunze, Naberezhnye Khreschatytska, park avenue, st. Timoshenko.

NEEDS ANALYSIS. Experts say that you need to do chemical analysis of puddles to say exactly what was falling on our heads. "In the clouds, the net drop of rain, but when they start to permeate the atmosphere of the city, collected an all dirt that is in the air. Accurate to say that rain collected at this time, can only analysis "- told us the director Hydrometeocentre Nicholas Kulbida.

However, his deputy Anatoly Prokopenko that white puddle — it spores of plants: "Rain can collect numerous disputes ragweed, which are now flying in the air. Usually bloom and disputes give a foam. But if the rain was acid, foam would not be, because of the acid has no effect. " Ecologists have found an explanation in the white rain … come Euro 2012. Like, precipitation stained because the championship authorities decided to master a lot of construction projects simultaneously. "White rain and the foam is formed by mixing water and construction dust" — told us the director of the Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center Vladimir Boreyko.

DANGEROUS. However, whatever was in the air, experts agree on one thing — it is dangerous to the health of citizens. "I think that the air was just a lot of dust. But clearly it is dangerous for people with allergies, asthma, and people with lung and bronchus, "- told us the main sanvrach Obolonska SES Ella Verbich.

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