In Kostroma near residential houses was spilled mercury

Kostroma, September 20 — RIA Novosti, Anna Skudaeva. More than 13 pounds of spilled mercury and over 34 pounds of broken mercury containing devices surrendered Monday on disposal rescue center for Civil Protection (TFH) Kostroma, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday a company representative for disposal of mercury-containing devices "Delta".

An alarm that a residential neighborhood in the vicinity of houses Kostroma found a whole meadow broken mercury thermometers, received one phone Rescue "01" at 8.35 am Friday.

"When TFH experts went to the scene, they saw that near the houses spilled mercury" — told RIA Novosti Dmitry Krivopalov Manager TFH.

He said that by the house number 69 in the district of Kostroma Davidovsky-2 unknown opened garage box, which contained a box with mercury thermometers.

"Thermometers were broken and scattered over an area of about 100 square meters," — said Krivopalov.

He noted that people from poisoning by mercury vapor suffer no time. Rescuers have collected pieces of medical equipment and spilled mercury and sent it for disposal, and the fact of opening the garage and the pollution of the hazardous substance reported to the police.

"This amount of mercury is enough to cause harm to human health," — told RIA Novosti the company for disposal of mercury-containing devices.

Search attackers planted area in a residential neighborhood with broken mercury thermometer, continues.

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