In Latvia, the lilacs bloomed

August 30. "Once a year, the gardens are blooming" — these words of the famous song may well be challenged. Right under the window of our editorial on the eve of the Day of Knowledge flowered lilac. True, the lush green bush pleased with just one full-blown inflorescence. Perhaps during the reconstruction of the street workers disturbed roots lilacs, and the plant has apprehended "anomaly" as a transplant in early spring.

In Salgalskoy Ozolnieki parish region in one of the gardens in late August again blossomed pear and apple trees. Pours fruit juice are combined with white and pink flowers. Spring and autumn are the same branch.

In the last decade, such natural phenomena are observed more often. Last fall, near Jelgava many houses can be seen blooming rowan. Sometimes, that the autumn bloom again chestnuts.

Cases of second flowering plants is not yet fully understood … Biologists believe that during the volatile spring weather lays late buds that could blossom in time. Now they are trying to take advantage of the warm autumn. Maybe after the summer drought period with the arrival of the rainy and cold weather, the trees and shrubs lost their biological clock and they have mixed autumn and spring?

On national signs, if the plant begins to bloom again in autumn, the autumn promises to be warm and long. True, the trees and shrubs, which bloom this late period, no longer form the fruit and it will lead to crop failure in the next year.

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