In Moscow cherry blossom

All I have had in the country in Chekhov near Moscow. This summer is no more in debt — in September suddenly blossomed cherry. What happens to the tree?

— Most of these anomalies occur with plants due to the unusually warm weather in the winter, so they are confused with the natural clock.

Summer and even autumn bloom is very rare, but not unusual in this. Most often, this phenomenon is observed in nerayonirovannyh varieties of cherries and plums, which were imported from another region (mostly southern). Sometimes formed ovaries that do not have time to ripen. Summer blooms can cause a warm and sunny weather during this period quickly formed flower buds.

Another possible reason may be that some of the trees in the process of forming a kidney last year was delayed and ended only in this (belated development of the kidney). In any case, this phenomenon is not widespread, only single flowers bloom.

However, the bloom in early autumn makes this time particularly unusual and romantic atmosphere, have to ensure that their loved ones happy and give them unique gifts. Themselves in the autumn blooming flowers — is a gift of nature, although very strange. But do not pluck them, leave a little beauty to others, because there are millions of other ways to give good gifts to those who are dear to you.

Any bloom in late summer and autumn weakens the plant, so it does not give full cultures prepare for winter. There is a possibility that the cherry will be less resistant to frost.

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