In Mozdok in mid-October blooming apple and cherry

Surprising and even somewhat mysteriously appear in the October days flowering fruit trees. Mozdok district residents this fall have seen such an unusual phenomenon: the bloom a second time apple and cherry trees.

Cause massive delays flowering gardens this fall could be struck the Mozdok District September 4 storm with hail and high winds, say biologists. Then hit the majority of fruit trees. The strongest was the stanitsas gradoboy Lukowski, Thirsk, captured Kalinin and Kiev. It is in these communities and there is flowering fruit trees. According to experts, there is no secondary mass flowering, bloom only a few buds. A small number of summer-autumn flowers or on future crop or the overwintering plants are not recognized if the whole it is favorable. If the bloom is strong, and the flowers are spent large amounts of nutrients, this could lead to a general weakening of the plants and their death in the winter.

Andrew Kvasha, head to create the conditions for the development of agriculture in rural areas Mozdok district:

"The flower buds are formed every year. That is, those flower buds that bloom after the new plant is laid, it consumed them this fall. Next year these trees will not bloom, respectively, and these fruiting trees, too, will not be. They may bloom in just one spring. " 

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