In Russia, a new party

Supporters of Nikita Mikhalkov, or rather his political views, has recently registered a new party, which became known as "For our homeland." However, as he says the famous film director, he had not heard of its creation, not to mention to join its ranks.

And believes that the creation of this party is a certain concentration of all his sayings and thoughts about Russia and its future. Although, he said, he had the soul, that in Russia there are still patriots.

As it became known on the basis of newly-minted party is a manifesto, which was published by the director 2 years ago. The ideology of Manifest is to publish it works great Russian philosopher and prominent public figures of the past.

Leader of the party was the Lermontov, which as he says, is a direct descendant of the poet. According to him — it's a party of "real values of the Russian people and the country."

Already selected party symbols, which is the St. George's flag in black and gold colors, and star of the Virgin, which has eight rays. The party was 33 in a row in the list of the registered political parties.

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