In September bloom chestnuts

The flowers appear on chestnut street alleys Tkachenko.  Photo: Konstantin BUNOVSKY.Anomaly weakens trees before the onset of cold weather.
Donetsk team for several years on an unusual phenomenon — the flowering chestnuts in September. And now there were flowers on chestnut avenues, particularly the street Tkachenko. However, scientists do not hurry to rejoice, because abnormal flowering trees facing death and evidence of their disease.

— This abnormal breach in the development cycle of chestnuts — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Alexey Polyakov, Sc.D., employee Donetsk Botanical Garden. — Healthy trees have already prepared for the winter buds and blooms before cold weather seriously weakens any plant. Of course, the chestnuts will not perish, but the spring will be even weaker.

His contribution to the emergence of anomalies could make the weather, especially the alternation of dry and rainy periods, which also confuses the chestnuts.

However, the main reason for the fall bloom — a serious disease that has infected chestnuts throughout Europe. By late August, the so-called leaf-mining moth eats green leaf tissue, leaving a faded yellow mesh. The inner loop plant is disturbed, leading to the appearance of the flowers.

In late September, Donetsk blossomed chestnuts.  Photo: Constantine BUNOVSKOGO.
By the way, mine mole spread by man — self is not able to overcome even a few tens of meters. The parasite can be killed in the autumn, all gathered under the trees the leaves without exception, in which the larvae hibernate, but Ukraine is not capable of this. Another method involves the injection of chemicals into the trunk of a sick tree, which is also not feasible because of the very high costs.

— Mine mole like tuberculosis from it can not be treated without changing the condition of the patient, — explained Alexey Polyakov. — Pills will not help consumptive, who lives in a wet basement suffering from malnutrition.

With chestnuts is the same, in Donetsk they grow along the busy highway, rolled into the asphalt, without proper irrigation. Moth and other diseases just finishes weakened trees.


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