In September in Vilnius chestnuts bloom

1 September in Vilnius can be observed unusual sight: flowers in their hands not only carried the first grade, but suddenly blossomed chestnuts. Usually these trees bloom in May. According to experts, in September blooming chestnut — a rare phenomenon, but it is no good tree is not promising.

Vilnius residents Andrews September 1 managed to photograph the buds blooming chestnut. Flowering tree is at the intersection of Mindaugo and Pune.

Vilnius University botanist edukalogii Teresa Yokshene suggests that it was not possible to be a witness to such a phenomenon. In her opinion, could gather chestnuts "last effort" to bloom before death.

"An unusual phenomenon, especially chestnuts — and especially now when they are so sick, when they attack the parasites. But the nature of the plant is such that it is of death still finds the strength to bloom, bear seeds, propagate, "- said the scientist.

This year, in Vilnius, some chestnuts shed their leaves, just waiting for the middle of summer. They is not the first attack chestnut leaf-mining moth, which this year has been particularly active bred established quite early because of hot weather. These parasites are brought to Lithuania from Europe and hit the leaves of chestnut trees.

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