In Shentalinsky area turned up an amazing beast

October 5, 2012 4:52

He does not look like any pet or a wild animal. Local people suspect that this is the mysterious Chupacabra, which recently allegedly occurred in various parts of the world. Thus, in one of the farms of the Chelyabinsk region mysterious creature killed rabbits and chickens. In the north of the region unidentified animal damage to agriculture is not paid. He quietly walks across the field behind the tractor and escorts students to school.

Respected in the Muslim village teetotal night Rinat farmer plowing a tractor. Looked around and froze — walked behind a plow beast amazing growth from a newborn calf, color scarlet, his eyes planted on the sides of the head. "Whether a mutant, or a stranger," — reasoned man. Experienced hunter Frankly — scared.

It is necessary to clean the gun from clods, and out of the cab scary. The creature is very close and is not going to run away. Farmer, as they say, bolted. The next morning, the driver of the school bus at the highway met another individual.

While Chupacabra — so called all unidentified animals on the Internet, the villagers did not bring harm. Did not go through the village and chickens do not steal, so do not panic in the village. Now residents Abdikeevo just in case the gate is closed at night and sheds. Milkmaids, going for a morning milking, put in pocket knives, and suddenly an unknown creature encountered on the way to the farm. Hunters holding a gun at the ready. They promised to be sure to catch the beast, to unravel the mystery.

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