In space, haunted

For a long time pilots and astronauts reported mysterious phenomena occurring in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Only recently, however, scientists are interested in these facts.

We are talking about some ghostly substances occurring in near-Earth space at a height of 50 to 100 km. Some of them even resemble living creatures. But, unlike the classic ghosts, they are shown to people only for a split second.

Reports of strange nighttime "flash" regularly received from the pilots. However, the first confirmation of the existence of "ghosts" were obtained only in the 70s. the last century. It was only at the beginning of this century, they finally managed to capture using instruments on board the space station.

As it turned out, the cosmic "ghost" defy classification in appearance. Reddish ring experts dubbed the "elves" blue "jellyfish" — "sprites", red — "Tiger", beating up blue "fountains" — "blue jets."

A few days before the disaster, the U.S. space shuttle "Columbia" in February 2003, the astronauts returned images with the image of a substance of unknown origin, resembling the shape of a jellyfish. From it came a strong red glow. The object was filmed at an altitude of 150 km above Madagascar.

First great shot with the image of "sprite" were obtained in the summer of 2005 in Colorado employees Prattovskoy School of Engineering at Duke University. Survey was conducted in a sealed chamber at a rate of 5 million frames per second. The pictures really seen something resembling a blue jellyfish with long tentacles. However, shooting more powerful hardware at a rate of 10 million frames per second, which is used by specialists in atmospheric physics at the University of Alaska, has revealed the true face of "sprites": in fact, they looked like bouncing balls!

Lead researcher Hans Nielsen argues that we are talking about the bright clumps resembling fireballs the size of a football field, flying straight down first, and then — up, a rate equal to one-tenth the speed of light. One of the photos shows a bunch of spilling something. According to Nelsen, space "ghosts" are the result of chemical compounds that can affect atmospheric processes. In particular, because they can break down the ozone layer and climate change.

However, neither Nielsen nor his colleagues from the European Space Agency are not yet able to clarify the nature of the phenomenon. Now they plan to install speed cameras on board the ISS to remove "ghosts" close-up close-ups.

Perhaps nothing supernatural "ghosts" and no. Not so long ago, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, University of Samara Municipal Yuri Ratis published the book "Praise of physics", which tries to explain the most famous paranormal phenomena. From the point of view of the scientist, UFO, fireballs, crop circles — all are manifestations of the so-called high-temperature plasma radioactivity! They are, they say, are clusters of radioactive substances that concentrate in the atmosphere. I wonder how to explain sightings of objects is clearly man-made origin, or episodes when the UFO apparently behave reasonably, for example, moving along a complex path?

But let's return to space "ghosts." Why not assume that this is a subtle effect, in which, say, turning the souls of living beings after death? Somewhere because they are the soul go? With physics and mysticism, too, can not be discounted.

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