In the center of Blagoveshchensk apple blossom

Last year, the season of "wrong" lilac and rosemary
Blagoveshchensk residents this year witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon. In mid-October, apple blossom. Leaves on the tree blossomed and the first ovary. Amazing tree growing right in the center of the city — in the park near the region's government.

Autumn flowering — the phenomenon is not new to the Amur region, say biologists. Last year, in the fall of Blagoveshchensk double flowered lilac and rosemary. Apple tree blossomed as the first time. According to biologists, the tree in such a way to respond to the warm weather, which in the Annunciation in the fall.

For the tree re-bloom is harmful, experts say. It spends so strength needed to survive the winter. Now, however, the tree has had time to bloom only a few branches. According to biologists, the spring flowering apple autumn revival not affect.

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