In the Center of it. SHumakova had a heart-lung transplant complex


The second successful operation of simultaneous heart and lung transplant performed in Federal Research Center of Transplantation and Artificial Organs of the VI SHumakova (FNTS TiIO) said on Thursday, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

"A patient with a severe form pulmonary hypertension spent almost a year in hospital, chained to a hospital bed waiting for transplantation. Already in the first few hours after the operation the girl an opportunity to breathe independently. Now it is active, the postoperative period runs safely, "- quoted by the press service of the Ministry of speech center director, chief transplant Russia Sergey Gautier.

Russia's first successful surgery on a heart-lung transplant was performed in complex FNTS TiIO in November 2011. According to the Ministry, now this patient (29-year-old Elena Turina) lives with his family in Orenburg, a daughter, and occasionally travels to center on the scheduled examination.

Prior to transplantation, she was bedridden. The indications for heart-lung transplants complex is irreversible, life-threatening lung disease that affects the heart. An example of this is severe pulmonary hypertension in which the blood pressure rises in the blood vessels of the lungs.

Only a few patients of the Center offers a similar operation, which will allow them to return to normal life.

The world's first operation of simultaneous lung and heart transplant was performed in 1981 at Stanford University Hospital American surgeon, Bruce Reitz (Bruce Reitz).


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