In the center of Luge Sledge began namorozku Olympic ice

Cooking bobsleigh route for the Olympic season Russian specialists help aysmeykery of Paramonovo and French masters of La Plagne.

 CTO trails in La Plagne Alan Bisariya shared his impressions of the center "Sledge": "In Sochi, a very nice and interesting track. For example, in La Plagne track all over goes down, here is a more diverse structure — not only down, but up. As for the specifics on the preparation of ice on the road, then there are certain moments. After filling quickly Ice appears to be cleaned before the next namorozkoy. "

According to the chief of the organization and conduct of the competitions center "Sledge" Vyacheslav Schavleva, namorozka track — a laborious process. "In the bobsleigh track ice is frozen at the beginning of the season and keeps the whole season. We actually already preparing the Olympic ice. As a result of the international training week in November, but some adjustments are possible ", — he added.

Namorozka ice takes place in several stages. Pre-track length 1,814 meters fully cleaned and washed to the ice better mated with concrete. Then, experts have begun to fill the hose.
Specialist in the preparation of ice Paramonovo Evgeny Gusev said that the Olympic "track is very simple in terms of preparation: it is very smooth and free of defects." "The peculiarity of this route is that it is well designed. Turns very smooth entrances and exits of them — too — added aysmeyker. — Just a little shed-cut and bend almost ready. "

Work carried out around the clock. Brigade composed of aysmeykerov different cities.
National team ledovarov fully prepare the path profile by the end of September. And in early October Center "Sledge" is preparing to take the athletes.

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