In the center of Nesterov blossomed chestnut

Unusual near Chestnut Square turned into a place of pilgrimage. The fruits of the tree, caught in the vagaries of nature, dismantled for souvenirs.

Galina Cherepanov, a resident NESTEROVA: "Colleagues said:" It can not be. " Took them showed photographed for memory, the number of set that was in September for a week in bloom. "

LARISSA Zhabina, janitor, "There is a saying:" When re-blooming trees, the winter can be harsh and cold. "

Re-blooming chestnut is rare. But this fall, it is observed and in Kiev. In Ukraine, a phenomenon explained the abnormally hot and dry summer, and that was the cause of flowering rains drenched the Kaliningrad region is unclear. Among the versions — the impact of vehicle emissions.

Kaliningrad, Nesterov

Vitaly Khvalei

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