In the center of Yekaterinburg opened a new office center for tourism development

The opening of the new office of the Center for Tourism of the Sverdlovsk region, kicked off Tourism Week in the Middle Urals.

Such centers exist in all the major cities of the world and, above all, are designed to help travelers and tourists.

Tourism Development Centre of Sverdlovsk Region is located in a spacious room in the center of Ekaterinburg. Here you can find out what to see in the Middle Urals, as well as to any attractions to travel, where to stay, get legal advice, buy souvenirs, also provides free access point wi-fi.

In addition, the Center for Tourism Development — is a platform for working together tourism industry professionals in our region, potential investors in tourism, municipal representatives who are ready to receive guests in their territories and to promote their own attractions. The center has a conference hall and meeting rooms.

 As emphasized at the opening ceremony the Deputy Chairman of the Government of Sverdlovsk region Alexei Orlov, "today we focus on municipalities and plan to implement joint projects in the sphere of tourism." This, in turn, is the development of the priorities identified in the nine tourist clusters (points of tourism development), of which, in addition to Yekaterinburg, Nevyansk, Verhoture, Nizhny Tagil, Irbit and a number of other areas, already ready to develop the tourism sector.

It is planned that the Sverdlovsk region will also become the driving force of the new brand "Big Ural", the establishment of which would put the work of the first inter-regional forum "Big Ural", which opens today at the site of the IEC "Ekaterinburg-Expo".

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