In the Chelyabinsk region are building a breeding complex for 1,200 head of cattle

Addition of bovine livestock in agricultural cooperatives "Podovinnoe" occurred in January 2013 when, in October district of Chelyabinsk region, through regional subsidies, arrived almost 600 Holstein cows from the U.S. state of Idaho. To date, 380 of them have already given birth to healthy calves.

Overseas animals together with their Russian kinsmen according to a new animal farm, built with the support of the regional budget. At the commissioning of the 1,200 new skotomest economy received as a grant of 36 million rubles and 25 million rubles — for the acquisition of equipment parlor.


Chelyabinsk region also give businesses the state guarantees to obtain another loan of 100 million rubles necessary for the completion of the livestock complex.

Dairy herd in the "Podovinnom" daily produces about 40 tons of milk, it is 8 per cent of the regional daily production. Such an amount is reached so far only two other farms in the Chelyabinsk region — SEC "Koelginskoe" and APC "Chernovsky."

Agricultural cooperative poses new challenges — to increase the number of dairy cattle to 2,400 head and bring the daily milk production of 60 tons.

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