In the Chelyabinsk region have opened a new crane plant «VERTA»

At the opening of the new plant "VERTA"CEO of the group of companies" URALKRAN "Sergey Kravchuk, driving a huge crane with a remote control, swung the hook suspended from his symbolic champagne bottle and smashed it hit the iron beam. Thus was launched the first in the history of modern Russian producer of hoists, overhead cranes and crane kits. 

First pile of new enterprises laid in Korkino in April 2012, and for 18 months the plant was built. The cost of the project — 430 million rubles.

At the first stage of the plant crane company will need about 200 specialists. When the output of the plant at full capacity will be created 350-400 jobs.


Thanks to the project «VERTA», 2015 "URALKRAN" expects to become the largest integrated supplier of materials handling equipment, from hoists and overhead cranes easy to complex lifting equipment. "We offer our clients with the development, production, installation and service — everything associated with lifting equipment, operating in the range from 250 kg to 500 tons,
the general director of the group of companies "URALKRAN" Sergey Kravchuk. — The range of products is constantly being improved. The customer receives the crane equipment, created just for him. "

In the near future, Ural kranostroiteli plan to take a new milestone — to go global. After all, in terms of quality, service and price cranes released in the Chelyabinsk region, can compete with the world's crane-building concerns. While sales — about half a billion rubles, but the collective task in two years to increase them to $ 2 billion.

"Our task — to take more than 30 percent of the market, and Russia may go to the west, — Said Sergey Kravchuk. — Markets of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, we believe its beginning. But the goal in the future may be more ambitious — it's Italy, Germany and so on ".

The news of the start of construction:

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