In the Chelyabinsk region opened a new gold processing plant

In the district of Chelyabinsk region Etkulskom opening Berezniakivska gold processing plant. Bereznyakovskaya station will produce up to two tons of gold per year. It's more than 200 million rubles of budget revenues and more than 700 new jobs for the area Etkulskogo.

Bereznyakovskoe field was discovered in 1990, its probable reserves are estimated at 60 tons of gold. Development of the site since 2002, is engaged in "Etkulzoloto" — subsidiary of "Uzhuralzoloto." Construction Berezniakivska gold processing plant was started in 2012


Since 2004, our specialists work was carried out to find the most appropriate technology for processing Bereznyakovskoe ore deposits have been tested all the currently available processes, and only in 2010, positive results were obtained by extraction of precious metals by application of pressure leaching. Currently in Russia there is no current gold mining company, to master this technology.

In the derivation of a mining facility at full capacity, the average annual production at the field Bereznyakovskaya be 2,000 kg of gold per year, which is 10 times more than last year.

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