In the CHT KhimRAR successfully completed early preclinical drug development for the treatment of hepatitis C


The company "Aviron" High Technology Center "KhimRar" successfully completed the early pre-clinical development of innovative drug candidates for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, acting on the latest molecular mechanisms. The research was supported by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology.

In July 2010, the company won the tender for the fund by submitting a project to develop new highly targeted candidate drugs for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.

Until recently, the standard therapy for hepatitis C virus (HCV) remains interferon in combination with ribavirin. This treatment leads to permanent remission of the disease in up to 50% of patients, but it has some serious limitations: poor tolerance of therapy, a large number of side effects, low efficiency under certain genetic variants of the virus, the high cost of a full course of treatment.

At present, the world is searching for drugs that have a direct antiviral effect against hepatitis C virus (HCV). One of the promising areas of research — drugs that block the work of HCV viral proteins. In particular, it is of great interest are drugs that can block the protein NS5A, is responsible for the assembly of the virus replication complex. Western startups working in this direction, rapidly built up its capitalization in 2011.

Co-financing received from the fund was aimed at finding and holding in Russia early preclinical drug candidates (inhibitors of NS5A) for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. The size of the support of the Fund amounted to RUR 15 million for 2010-2011, while Ltd. "Aviron" attracted an additional 15 million rubles from extra-budgetary sources.

"By the time of the government contract, we already had the know-how, which describes several classes of chemical compounds potentially active on the relevant biological target the hepatitis C virus in the framework of the project supported by the Foundation, we conducted preclinical studies of the most active molecules and obtained promising drug candidate, inhibitor of NS5A, complementary to existing treatment standards. With the support of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical field in record time has created a technological platform that allows users to search for new drugs to treat hepatitis C, and acting on the biological target NS5A. We intend to move quickly to clinical trials, including — with the support of the relevant sectoral programs. Appeared due to the efforts of the state innovation pipeline makes it possible to implement such long-term and risky projects as the development of innovative products of world-class, "- said General Director of" Aviron "Oleg baskets.

"The Foundation has funded the earliest stages of the development of a promising new drug for the treatment of hepatitis C — within the framework of the project" Centre for the development of innovative medicines and import-substituting "KhimRar" approved by the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation on modernization and technological development of the Russian economy, in " medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. " Since this step is successfully completed, we hope that research will continue and will lead to the emergence of an efficient and competitive in the international market the drug, developed and produced in Russia ", — said Sergey Polyakov, CEO of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology sphere.


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