In the Crimean dog four months of waiting for the hostess, who died during the floods

December 5, 2012 22:18

In the Crimean dog lives that every day in the same place waiting for his owner, who died during the summer floods. Mukhtar dog already called Crimean Hachiko.

This house on Trinity Street collapsed four months ago during the Crimean flooding. Flood down the wall, swivel fence and destroyed the station. The water was lost and the mistress of the structure. After the fatal night there was only dog Mukhtar.

— Not at home, everything was demolished. A dog like to stand here and costs. Not going anywhere.

Four months of dog guarding what was left of the house. According to neighbors, Mukhtar behave calmly at no barking, no snaps, and the limits of their possessions does not leave.

The news of the Crimean Hachiko spread throughout the city. Each day, the locals bring food.

In Mukhtar already appeared regulars — Victoria Buzko comes to this court every day. And every day thinking of how to help the dog through the winter.

"I'd like someone to assist, and at least put her booth. So she could spend the winter fine. Unless, of course, no one wants to take it home yourself. Dog is very good ", — says Victoria Buzko, a resident of Crimea.

Victoria itself tried to take the dog to his home. But Mukhtar — not an easy mongrels, in your hands and just do not give your home is still valid. While waiting for him to have nobody. However, it seems, is not going to retreat Mukhtar. To people close he is not suitable, and for food is accepted only when no one is around. He is always on guard, say the neighbors. However, they are hoping that Mukhtar be able to find a new host.

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