In the evening, the Russians will be able to see the solar eclipse

In the evening, the Russians will be able to see the solar eclipseThe second in this year incomplete solar eclipse will occur tonight. In Russia it will be able to see the people of Murmansk, Naryan-Mar and Norilsk. Smaller phase of this phenomenon can see in Siberia and the Far East, according to ""
The eclipse will begin at sunrise on June 1 in Siberia and northern China, where the lunar penumbra touches the Earth at 23:25 Moscow time. Two hours later, at 01:16 (already June 2) to reach the maximum phase of the eclipse. At this time the moon will close 60.1 percent solar disk, according to This picture can be seen on the coast of the Nenets Autonomous District and the north-west of the Kola Peninsula.
Next, the lunar penumbra in his journey to the West pass through Iceland (Reykjavik can see the Sun, the Moon closed at 46.2 percent), along the coast of Greenland and Canada. Lunar penumbra will come off from the ground at 03:06 Moscow time on Thursday in the Newfoundland area.
"Arguments and Facts" note that this is the second partial solar eclipse since 2011. The first occurred in January 4. The next solar eclipse will occur in November, 25 th. Sun Moon close to 90.4 per cent. Watch this event will only be possible in the Antarctic. The last eclipse of this year will occur on December 10. It will be a total lunar eclipse, which will see the people of Eurasia and Australia, as well as the north-western North America.

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