In the Kuzbass children were videotaped Bigfoot

February 13, 2013 15:51

Children from the village of Russian-urrish Leninsk-Kuznetsk region of Kemerovo region claim that videotaped yeti footprints. And, at one point passing snowman and appears in the frame.
Schoolboy Yevgeny Anisimov told local media that in late January, was walking with friends, saw the mysterious traces and immediately turned on the camera in the phone (carefully, profanity!)

Fortunately, all the boys got home safe and sound. One of them showed the video of the father, and he, in turn, sent the clip to the center hominology. As the publication of the "AIF — Kuzbass", according to experts of the international center hominology movie is not rigged and is the first videosvidetelstvom existence of Bigfoot, shot in Russia.
In the past few years in the Kemerovo region of very much spoken about the Yeti. Bigfoot even become a symbol of the Mountain Shoria and Tashtagol. Went in search of him and foreign scientists, but until he gets in the way only to local residents. At least, they so often reported.
In mid-September 2011, for example, sent an expedition to Azasskoy cave, which is considered a den of being headed boxer Nikolay Valuev. Bigfoot himself he did not find, however, allegedly found evidence of its existence — footprints and broken tree branches.
However, no official confirmation of the existence of Bigfoot is not stopped entrepreneurs to develop tourism, and merchants sell souvenirs depicting a snowman.
In May last year, scientists at Wolfson College, Oxford University Museum of Zoology, and experts in Lausanne (Switzerland) announced a major study aimed at establishing the relationship between humans and other hominids. They collected samples of wool and other organic remains (presumably belonging to human-beings) and within a few months they have investigated in this project, "Interfax".
But while the British and Swiss scientists have struggled with the mystery of human-beings, scientists from St. Petersburg at the end of last year, confirmed the existence of Bigfoot in Kemerovo. Then, referring to the chief scientific officer of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University Valentine Sapunova reported that DNA analysis of hair samples revealed her identity wool, which was found earlier in the Urals, in the U.S. and in the Leningrad region. Presumably, this is still wool snowman.
However, The Sun newspaper ran a commentary by an expert of the University of Oxford, Brian Sykes, who debunked the myth of the Kuzbass yeti. According to the paper, studied the DNA of hair samples that fall to them from Kuzbass, experts have found the similarities with the fur of the North American bears, horses, raccoons, not Bigfoot.

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