In the school of the Ivanovo area received 24 new buses

The documents and the keys to 24 new school buses' PAZ "handed the governor of the Ivanovo Region Mikhail Men heads of local administrations and directors of rural and urban schools. Handover ceremony of the new vehicles was held on June 6 in Ivanovo.

The new buses will be used in 23 schools. Work to ensure access to education for students regardless of their place of residence began in 2008. With the acquisition of these 24 buses rural school transportation issue solutions. Buses are equipped with all necessary equipment, meet current safety requirements.
 Appliances purchased in the framework of the modernization of the system of general education of the Ivanovo region for a total of 33.6 million. The new buses will be transported to the place of study 430 students and 27 routes with a total length of 596.8 km. This academic year, 272 schools were open route, the dispatch of students provide 218 modern school buses. Driving up to the place of study more than 4680 students. 80 buses are equipped with modern technical means of verification "Breathalyzer", 178 buses are equipped with navigation systems GLONASS, which allows for operational control of the safe transportation of children.

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