In the skies over Moscow a hole

September 6, 2012 17:49

Today Muscovites saw in the sky a strange phenomenon. In an even cover of small white clouds formed a mysterious hole. In social networks, it is called "angel wings", a portal to a parallel world, and of course, most of all, it was called the flying saucer.

However, Moscow weather forecasters say no mystery in it is not yet in sight. Gaps in smooth formation of small cumulus thing is quite common, just not always, these "holes" are flat shape. Holes formed due to the fact that Moscow is warm cyclone, but anticyclone while not losing their positions.
"Now the weather is dominated by an anticyclone and, in principle, is dominated by descending currents. But the atmosphere above the ground is very uneven. Where we have formed small cumulus clouds — the so-called transition zone. But it so happens that the descending currents somewhere making it into the zone and blur clouds in one place. They can be a perfect circle — told Metro chief specialist Met Office Moscow Tatyana Pozdnyakova. — As a rule, when the anticyclone, we have no clouds is dominated because downdrafts. And when we go to the cyclone — updrafts that form cumulus clouds. Right now we are superimposed frontal clouds work downstream and formed clear parts of the sky, which can take the correct form, such as this, what we see in the photo. "
Metro Pervan photos strange phenomenon with Scoopshot sent Margarita Tarkhanov. More about Scoopshot posted below.
"It was a normal working day, and suddenly in the sky caught my eyes and wings, the wings really — told us Margarita. — Very nice, a sunny day, a beautiful sky of this gray autumn. Live, it's much brighter smotritya. All ran up, started shooting, and I visited the brilliant idea of a newspaper. "

Daria Buyanova

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