In the Southern Military District, completed exercises combining the Air Force and Air Defense


In the Southern Military District completed a major tactical flight exercises with the air group and an air base and military aviation, the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

"The exercise was attended by more than 10 flight crews of the Mi-28N, Mi-35, Mi-26, Mi-8AMTSh, about 10 Su-24M bombers, Tu-134, An-26, L-410, An-12, — told in the Ministry of Defense. — The personnel of the Army Air Corps compound in conditions as close to the fighting, first performed the mass relocation of three squadrons on operational airfield in conjunction with units of terrestrial services are provided during the march radio technical support operations. "

"Along with the aircraft performed tactical exercise with anti-aircraft missile regiment, during which the unit marched and reflect the impact of air attack conventional enemy" — added to the department.

The exercise involved more than 1.5 thousand pilots onboard experts, and ground services, about 30 helicopters and planes, and 100 units of special military equipment.

"During the exercise the pilots flew more than 170 sorties, during which fulfilled the elements of air combat, precision bombing, spending with about 350 unguided missiles, more than 800 rounds of aircraft guns, 40 bombs", — concluded the Defense Ministry.

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