In the suburbs built a mysterious pyramid


To see the pyramid, do not need to go to Egypt.

Enough to drive only twenty kilometers from Moscow at a great new route to get to the 38-km highway from Moscow to Riga, where it stands on a hill amazing architectural structure — a pyramid.

This new attraction Russia — Pyramid near Moscow, a combination of ancient myths with modern technology.

It is the largest of the pyramids in Russia, built and studied by scientists under the leadership of Alexander Golod.

Alexander Golod, except Pyramid near Moscow, has already managed to build 17 pyramids — in Bashkortostan, Krasnodar, Belgorod, Voronezh, Tver regions.

Podmoskovnaya pyramids were built without the use of metal, glass blocks only. Between themselves, they are held together by rods of the same material, planted on the glue. In matters of "materialization" of Alexander agrees with the ancient Egyptians, but that's about the size and shape of his singular point of view.

The fundamental difference with the Egyptian standards is as follows: The author is convinced that the pyramid should be built taking into account the proportions of the golden section, there is a reason it has to be less than that of Egypt, and the height relative to the base — more. Therefore, it is a pyramid like a slimmer, extended upwards, drawn to the space and cosmic energies.

The architect himself says on his pyramid built near Moscow, radar fix ion column.
Dowsing studies have shown that over the pyramid as well as under it form a chain of "phantom power" pyramid schemes, each of which is approximately equal to the size of the real pyramid and they are located precisely on its axis. First the upper and lower "energopiramidy" have the mirror orientation with respect to the real one. Subsequent mirrored with respect to the previous, etc. This forms a chain of "energopiramid", which the author called "ionic column."

The resulting ion column was useful for the improvement of the atmosphere — it can be tightened ozone hole over and around the pyramids.

With great interest to the Pyramid near Moscow reacted delegation of monks from Japan, Korea and Tibet, mark it as the ideal place as the space inside and around it. Their research findings and Russian scientists conducted at various institutes of RAS and RAMS, confirmed the positive effect on the environment and human health, both visiting the Pyramids, and the use of specially prepared or processed foods in it, solutions and crystals.

So what do the pyramid?
The facts speak: it is possible that the pyramids were indeed capable to work wonders. When was installed Seligerskaya pyramid, the water in the lake was clean, which was not seen for many years. In the water reappeared lake crabs for the first time in many years in the vicinity of Lake Seliger platted storks nest. There are flowers, listed in the Red Book of …

The researcher believes that all the troubles of his country — a consequence of the curvature of space that is in the country takes catastrophic proportions. Pyramids, he says, straighten space, radiating life-giving energy around for miles.

However, skeptics argue that the pyramid in turn leads to an imbalance in the energy-environment surrounding it. We know that nature abhors a violation of the energy balance in the local (and globally) volume.
Think of the pyramids in Egypt. Scientists say the area where the pyramids stand grew a lot of plants. I want to believe that Moscow would not be near the desert.

Entrance to the 44-meter free Pyramid.

Getting there
Without a car: a train station Nahabino (Riga direction), and then by bus to the village Chesnokovo.

By car: The pyramid is located at the 38th kilometer of the Riga highway (Highway M-9).

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