In the suburbs, some rivers became warmer Black Sea

Because of the hot weather, established in the region in recent days, some of the river Moscow region warmed to a temperature higher than the Black Sea at some resorts. This is stated in the message center weather "Phobos."

"In the Moscow River near Zvenigorod, the temperature rose to 20.4 degrees plus, in Oka near Kashira — to plus 24.2 degrees," — said the center.

Such temperatures are almost identical figures in the middle reaches of the Volga, and slightly higher than the water temperature in the Black Sea resort of some of the Krasnodar Territory.

In addition, Wednesday June 29 was the hottest day since the beginning of the year. The temperature at this afternoon rose to 29.8 degrees Celsius, while in the center of the city was was fixed to 31.1 degree heat.

Today, June 30, yesterday's record could be beaten. According to preliminary estimates, the thermometer will rise in Moscow to 30 — 32 degrees Celsius.


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