In the U.S., bear ride on car

Unusual "crime" occurred in the house that the family rented McCarthy relaxing at Lake Tahoe. At night, the family head Brian McCarthy saw through the window that someone fumbling at his parked car Prius.

"The car is really rocking," — said Brian.

A man called the service "911", and when he again looked out the window of his car was no longer in place.

As it turned out, the car climbed adult bear that seems a long time could not get back. Animal tore the whole salon car. Then the bear turned the hand brake and the car rolled to the nearest stone pillar in the lawn next door. After a kind of "accident", the bear managed to get out of the car and hide in the forest.

"The bear tore the back seat. From interior of the car is nothing left" — complained the owner.

A notable feature of recreation at Lake Tahoe is the fact that often the houses located in the forest area, come to the wild animals, which are fed by people.

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