In the U.S., there is an unusual invasion of polar owls

Polar white owl nesting usually in the tundra, began this winter to explore unfamiliar area of many states in the U.S. until this southern, like Oklahoma. Because these days the birds closely associated in the public mind with the mass of the Harry Potter novels, Americans enthusiastically discussing how miraculously caused the cause of their cruise guests.

True, ornithologists respond to this question is quite prosaic. According to them, the owls seem to have multiplied because of last season in the tundra was the abundance of lemmings, they primarily feed. Now no longer enough to feed everyone, and predators have moved in search of food in areas where usually did not fly.

Experts argue that when faced with traditional American predators — until the wolf — the snowy owl with a wingspan that can exceed five feet, well able to stand up for themselves. But that's unusual proximity to people not promise them anything good. Thus, the birds often die as a result of collisions with motor vehicles and power lines. Therefore, amateur photographers and fans in general all of nature are urged to frighten them and force without having to climb into the air.

Andrew Shitov

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