In the Urals found a woman who knows how to cause a UFO (PHOTOS)


Yekaterinburg, June 29 (New Region, Svyatoslav Bulgarin) — The first open Urals Conference on anomalous phenomena took place today in Yekaterinburg. The participants discussed the UFO problem, the historical reliability of the Old Testament stories, hronoanomaly, poltergeists, the famous Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot.

Actually was announced that one of the main goals of the event is proof that the Middle Urals soon undergo a massive UFO invasion. Today, however, ufologists say about anything, not only about being in connection with which a UFO drew so much attention at the Ural region. Also, the announcement has not been confirmed, and in respect of the honored guests of the conference — cosmonaut Marina Popovich and head OONIO "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov did not attend the meeting.

However, this did not upset the forum, "which was just over 20 people, and they were divided into two roughly equal parts — about 20 years and about 80 years old. Within 4 hours of ufologists hotly debated anomaly of modern life and shared memories of encounters with UFOs.

One of the leaders of the "Kosmopoisk" — psychic Vyacheslav Klimov, a detailed account of how he and a group of like-minded people looking for the remains of Noah's Ark near the resort village Beta (30 km from Gelendzhik). In parallel, the activists' Kosmopoisk "decided to check out the information eyewitness who saw with their own eyes," like a little up in the air, in the sea near the village crashed UFO cigar-shaped. " Members of the search organization stocked with necessary equipment and dived into the specified location — UFO found, but found three large stone bowl near where people have "appeared a strange feeling." One of the balls weighing about 300 pounds even sent to Moscow for examination. And it is the first eye-opening research — it turns out that the balls are made of the same stone rocks that the nearest beach.

In turn, the head of the Ural expert committee on anomalous phenomena (UEC AH) Alexander Koman said that two weeks ago, his group has finally succeeded with the help of devices indicate the presence of poltergeists and more disembodied villain turned out to drive home a respectable Urals. "We can not guarantee that the poltergeist will not come back, but now we know that it is possible to drive out of the house" — reassured the audience COMPANIES. He also suggested that the work Chukovskogo "Moidodyr" and "Fedorino mountain" — a cryptic description poltergeystovyh tricks.

However, most of the audience did too worried about their frequent meetings with alien spacecraft. For example, the Ural beekeeper Alexey Kuzmin said that in the early '90s, he twice saw a UFO in the village of Bridge located in Rezhevsky district of Sverdlovsk region. The first time for 45 minutes, he and his family saw a flying saucer slowly sat down in a nearby forest, and the second time he went near the "snaryadovidny ship." Moreover, the ship emitted a "non-scattering rays", which, once in the cloud took the shape of a crescent. "It was a crescent moon — a purely Muslim character. Maybe a thousand years ago Muslims saw it in the sky and decided that this is their sign, "- stated Kuzminyh hypothesis, on which, apparently, has yet to break his head scientist.

Much more often, as it turns out, there are women with a UFO. Sensational details shared with the audience the poet Zoe Kiser. According to her, touched her for the first time unknown in 1987 — it was incomprehensible to hear it (presumably German) sprinkled with literary terminology (by profession Zoe Kiser philologist). Just one year in the area Baykalovskom woman saw a huge flying object — "the uterus, and these revolve around". A year later, in Sverdlovsk in the Triage Kiser directly faced with the classic dish — 'round, big, massive, bulky, inflated ".

Later Kiser moved to the Romanian capital of Bucharest, but there is "the phenomenon continued," and the woman repeatedly seen objects: "The uterus and from 5-6 out of objects and begin to move in the direction of Africa. All objects were 15. " Zoe Kiser admitted that every time the object was accompanied by the appearance of the active work of her body and that she is able to summon a UFO. "I did it" many times "- shared his amazing ability poet.

Some dissonance in the forum made the head of the Monitoring Station Ural anomalistiki (uranium) Dmitry Volobuev a statement that he does not believe in aliens. "In aliens I do not believe it. Contactees contact only with his brain. Main Ural ufologist Maxim Shishkin I once said that all the articles in the 90s about aliens, which he wrote, in fact, complete bullshit. Later, he gave me all your stuff, and now I'm over it ", — announced his claim to the leadership of the head of the UFO station.

Next Volobuev noted that also does not believe in a flying saucer crash in Roswell in 1947, in the existence of the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot. "All of this basswood," — said flatly main Urals ufologist.

He said that he believes in UFOs (but only in unidentified flying objects, secrets are yet to unravel the earth science), the mystery of crop circles in hronosdvigi and Orenburg chupokabru. "This chupokabra in the Orenburg region. Some dare to say that this is the beaver, but it is not so. This — not the well-known animal science. And if it appears again, we'll get him. Even after 50 years, if it appears, I Rock the old days and it'll get "- promised Dmitry.

Next meeting was held within the framework of the rules — that is, in the memories of encounters with aliens.

The first open Urals Conference on anomalous phenomena took place today in Yekaterinburg.

Demonstrated suit for protection against aliens.

Zoe Kizer: I can summon UFOs.

Meetings with aliens — bullshit. A UFO — a reality.

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