In the village of Amur earthquake

September 8 at noon in the village Yuktali Tynda district earthquake.  Photo: www.uktali.narod.ruSeptember 8 at noon in the village Yuktali Tynda district earthquake. Special station 65 kilometers from the village of recorded earthquakes of magnitude 2.8 to 4.0 on a scale Rihterra.

— No injuries or damage, — the press-service of EMERCOM Russia's Amur region. — There is nothing unusual for Tynda district in this incident no. The northern areas of our region, including Yuktali village, located in a seismic zone.


What to do in an earthquake

— Feeling the vibrations of the building, falling objects quickly exit the building, taking the documents, money and other essentials.

— Leaving the room, down the stairs, not the elevator.

— Once on the street — stay there, but do not stand near the buildings, and go into the open.

— If you are forced to stay in the room, then stand in a safe place: the inner wall, in a corner, in the inner wall opening or a carrier bearing. If possible, hide under the table — it will protect you from falling objects and debris. Stay away from windows and heavy furniture.

— Do not use candles, matches, lighters — when a gas leak is a fire.

— If you are in a car, stay in the open, but do not leave the vehicle until the bumps are gone.

Nina Petrischeva

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