In Togliatti invasion mantis

In Togliatti apartment rushed "resort" insects.

On the eve of the Editor "PS" asked resident Avtozavodsky district Vladimir. Tolyattinets witnessed a rather unusual phenomenon, and therefore decided to immediately share with other residents of the city through the newspaper.

On Thursday evening, Vladimir, who lives with his family on the seventh floor of the usual panel of flats in the 13th quarter, found in his apartment insect light green rather "decent" size — about five inches in length. After another couple of hours, in a different room, the man managed to catch one more representative of the same fauna, which even surpassed its predecessor in size. Scrolling through the encyclopedia, the reader "PS" identified the intruders as ordinary mantis. And nothing, that's just the same encyclopedia followed that mantises are found mainly in the southern latitudes, for example, in the Crimea. But for the central part of Russia is an insect — a rarity. Furthermore, as admitted observant citizen, he lives in Togliatti life, but so far have not met in the city or in the surrounding area no soothsayer.

Meanwhile, environmentalists sensational find Togliatti did not consider, however, agree: the case of the truly curious. As told the "PS" deputy director of the Institute of Ecology of the Volga Basin Togliatti Academy of Sciences Sergei Saxons, the average strip of Russia for the mantis as much warmer southern latitudes. So in our area meeting with mantis can just as in any resort town by the sea. Another thing is that in apartments these insects appear very rarely, preferring to live in their natural environment itself. But in the court of the middle of August — a time when mantis multiply, and their number is growing steadily.

— It is likely that the mantis just move from one territory to another, and on the way accidentally into one of the city apartments — suggested Saxony. — However, be wary of this guest is not: no harm to humans is quite large insect does not carry. So that the reader "PS", who discovered at his home a couple of individuals praying mantis, can only be grateful for observation and congratulate this wonderful meeting.
However, it can be congratulated for not only Vladimir. As the "PS", the other day on the balcony of his apartment found another tolyattinka. Natalia lives with his family in Komsomolsk region. Her house is on the 8th floor. A similar story was told one of the employees of the Bank's offices by the FIA, where amazing insect POGOST few days and then disappeared. More precisely, disappeared. Because these large, as they describe our readers are female praying mantis. The ones that bite off the male after mating, the head …

Text: Julia Romanenko

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