In Tomsk, lilac blossom

In Tomsk kindergarten No 63 at the end of September … flowered lilac. On the site where the kids are walking, is a tall shrub with purple and white spring flowers and fragrance exudes giddy.
Belousova, Nadezhda Ivanovna, teacher: "Such a miracle! It blooms for two weeks, this is what's left, the tree was all in bloom now pooborvany twigs. "
We are asked to comment on this unusual phenomenon chief specialist of environment and natural complex administration of Tomsk Natalia Tsvetkov.
— Spring is Here? In general, flowering perennial trees and shrubs in late fall — an abnormal phenomenon. Warm autumn weather in Tomsk caused an invalid biological clock of plants and delayed flowering. Trees and shrubs that bloom because of the warm weather, now use resources intended for next spring. I know what happens, for example, in Kazakhstan.

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