In Voronezh, cherry blossom in September

Gardeners called secondary flowering tree big trouble. Photo: Helen readersThe reader of "Mine!" Elena said atypical for fall phenomenon — in the garden of the house number 32 on the street. Skribisa (Leninsky district) blossom cherry and raspberry zaplodonosila.

— Very unusual to watch it in September, — says Elena. — Especially before never happened.

Professional gardener, host of "The season worries" Ivan Babin described the situation big trouble.

— The phenomenon of secondary bloom we see in Voronezh year already. However, this is very bad, — says Ivan Babin. — Flowering cherry in September due to the restructuring of plant physiological or temperature changes. Tree, most likely, is under stress.

According to the grower, secondary flowering plant weakens — next year the fruit is probably not a cherry. Moreover, the tree can not survive the winter and fall.

— But the fact that raspberry fruit, on the contrary, well — this indicates that the plant remontant — said Ivan Babin. — Giving berries raspberry can to deep frost.

Natalia Kamenev

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