In Yadrinskii area (Chuvash Republic) completed the first phase of the bridge over the r.Sura

This is one of the longest bridges in Chuvashia. Its length is 1242 meters. The other day, the first phase of construction of the bridge is completed.  The general contractor is JSC "Mostotrest". The project is the construction and reconstruction of the federal highway M-7 "Volga" (Moscow-Ufa). State Customer object — Federal State Institution "Managing highway Nizhny Novgorod — Ufa of the Federal Road Agency" (FGI Uprdor "Volga").

Bridge on the River Suru is located between km 582 +300 highway M-7 "Volga", which runs from Moscow through Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan to Ufa. The first phase of construction of the bridge is completed, will — the second. Work on the construction of the bridge made a branch of JSC "Mostotrest" territorial Cheboksary firm "Mostootryad-41." At the request of the district administration in the firm employed 95 people from Yadrinsky district.

Tendra to implement the second phase of construction of the bridge over the r.Sura also won JSC "Mostotrest".  

The new bridge was very beautiful, N.P.Semenov Yadrinskoe radio in an interview and said that he likes the bridge, it is their child, are built in such a bend on the flood plain of the river that gives a certain beauty, matching proportions gives a special kind of terrain.

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