In Yakutia, first built the solar power plant north of the Arctic Circle

  • Opening of the SES in the village Dulgalah
  • Opening of the SES in the village Dulgalah

In the village of Ulus Dulgalah Verkhoyanskii in the autonomous energy complex was put into operation a new solar power station (SES) of "Sakhaenergo," a subsidiary of "Yakutskenergo" (included in the RAO ES of the East).

The new station was the third SES of "Sakhaenergo" and the first to be built north of the line of the Arctic Circle. Now the power supply to the village combines traditional and renewable energy sources: an automated block-modular 350 kW diesel power plants and photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 20 kW.


The structure consists of 80 Dulgalahskoy SES monocrystalline modules unit capacity of 250 watts. The station generates electricity in parallel with diesel equipment. To increase the efficiency and improve the energy efficiency of solar cells made special design, equipped with a swivel mechanism. This design, developed by the Department for the introduction of alternative energy sources and new technologies of "Sakhaenergo" allows you to change the position of the panels in season mode "winter-summer" without the use of small auxiliary machinery.

The station is also equipped with a solar sensor and a computer with a modem chip for storing and transmitting data over the Internet. This enables our specialists to create an archive and monitor the parameters of the station remotely.

"Putting the station in an operation entirely in the logic of RAO ES of the East in the development of renewable energy projects in isolated areas of the Far East — emphasizes Alex Kaplun, Deputy General Director for Strategy and Investment RAO ES of the East. — In such independent power complexes as Dulgalah, saving expensive diesel fuel due to the partial substitution of diesel generating energy from the sun can already effectively return on investment and reduce the cost of production. "

RAO ES of the East intends to significantly expand the zone of introduction of renewable energy facilities in the decentralized sector of the Far East. In addition to the remote villages of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), projects of solar and wind generation are designed to Kamchatka, Khabarovsk, Sakhalin region. The development potential of renewable energy in isolated areas of the Far East will be presented RAO ES of the East at the International Conference "Renewable energy in isolated areas of the Far East of Russia", which will be held 27-29 June 2013 in the city of Yakutsk.

In addition to SES in the village Dulgalah, the company has been successfully operating SES 30 kW in the village Batamaj (Kobjajsky ulus) and SES 20 kW in the village Yuchyugey (Oymyakonsky ulus).

In the summer of this year will be built and put into operation in the fourth SES area of responsibility of "Sakhaenergo" — in the village of Kudu-Kyuyol Olekminsky district. In total this year, the company plans to introduce at least 900 kW of installed renewable power facilities.

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