In Yakutia installed 5th vetroizmeritelny complex


In the village of Ulus Saskylah Anabarsky completed installation vetroizmeritelnogo complex (PEC).

This is the fifth similar place that is on the order of JSC "Yakutskenergo" (part of the RAO ES of the East), set in Yakutia to evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of the construction of wind electrical installations on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Such vetroizmeritelnye complexes have already been installed in the villages of Tiksi Nizhneyansk, Chokurdakh, Cherskii and now Vic has appeared in the north-western District of Sakha (Yakutia).

Implementing the project of "Mobile Energy", another subsidiary of the Far East of the power.

The complex is a 40-meter mast on which the sensors and instruments that control the six parameters: wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and solar activity at 10, 20, 30, 40 meters. The information is passed quickly in automatic mode, the art of "Mobile Energy" that monitor and computer modeling processes.

The additional introduction of a new generation source — wind power plant — will improve the reliability of power supply isolated consumers and also extend the life of existing equipment due to the fact that it will be used less frequently.

In general, the development of wind energy, the experience gained in the operation of wind-diesel systems in conjunction with other proven technologies of energy efficiency can confidently tackle a number of technical issues and achieve measurable economic benefit.

Note that in the far north cost of 1 kW / h of energy produced diesel stations ranges from 20 to 40 rubles. The degree of wear of the main equipment DES ravnf an average 75% and continues to grow. OJSC "Yakutskenergo" together with its subsidiary JSC "Sakhaenergo" is actively looking to replace expensive and environmentally-friendly diesel, the "taming" the forces of nature, including wind and solar energy.

In 2007, in paragraph Tiksi Bulunskiy ulus of "Sakhaenergo" put into operation the first in the Russian Arctic coast wind electrical installation (SEM) with a capacity of 250 kW. Working in "parallel" with the current DPP, wind turbines for five years of operation, has developed 330 MW / h of electricity, saving the energy sector more than 73 tons of diesel.

In 2012, the active "a visible" phase entered a "solar project" — was launched experimental solar power plant (SPP) with a capacity of 10 kW in parallel operation with diesel power in paragraph Batamaj Kobjajsky district. Operating experience during the spring and summer months has been so positive that in August 2012 the plant capacity has been increased to 30 kW, and in the second quarter of this year in item Yuchyugey Oymyakonsky area was built, another SES capacity of 20 kW. Forecasts indicate that together, these solar energy will save on diesel fuel about 1 million rubles a year.

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