In Yakutsk Centre opened their national sports. Basil Manchaary

June 30 in Yakutsk Centre opened their national sports. Basil Manchaary — the second stage of the sports complex "Modun." Sports complex opened on the eve of V International Games "Children of Asia" and the International Forum "Russian-Sports". The design of the building the sports center has affected the national colors: walls SC "Modun" decorated with national ornaments and symbols of the Yakut.

Construction of the Centre national sports in Yakutsk at a cost of 168 million rubles. Part of the funds for the construction of the sports complex received as part of the Federal Target Program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation in 2006-2015."

The sports complex "Modun" were functioning multi-purpose hall for training and competitions in team sports measuring 36 mx 18 m, men's and women's gyms, small fitness room and dance, which are sports and recreational activities for residents of Yakutsk, physical education classes, etc.

In the second phase of construction in sports have earned universal game room size of 42m x 21m with stands for 350 seats and jump arena length 63 m in the center of the Republican national sports will take training and competitions in sports such as weight-wrestling , hapsagay (Yakut wrestling), Yakut around, jumping Yakut, North-around, etc. The center is the main base of the Association of National sports and games of Yakutia "Sahaada-sport". In addition, the center is working with remote school in national sports for physical education teachers and coaches.

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