In Yalutorovsk (Tyumen region). Opened a factory cookies

In Yalutorovsk implemented a new investproet. The city opened a biscuit factory. Dainty buys most residents of the city. But in terms of management — access to markets in other areas of the region.

A daily produce hundreds of pounds of delicious pastries. Now prepare the "lingering" cookies. Creative evident not only in the recipe. The name is not some sort of "Butter" or "Gourmet" and the ordinary citizen to the ear, for example, "I am a plump." "Because cookies plump" — explains the chief technologist.

It turns out that in Yalutorovsk, and in the region as a whole, the company is waiting for. Quality biscuits and sweets at prices lower than producers from other regions. And everything is prepared for the European equipment and without unnecessary expenses. For example, in the shop where the emulsion is mixed, running just one person.


And that's not all creative. On the "cookie factory" to produce wafers Yalutorovsk "The same," with a hint of unforgettable taste treats from the Soviet past. Cookies "Baubles", "Eden". This is closer to a future paradise factory itself. "Every year we plan on increasing production by 20 percent. Areas allow us to do it, "- said the deputy director of" cookie factory "Gregory Devyatkov.
Then comes reeling out the dough, cookie baking and cooling. Line operators say range is huge, so do not bother trying to treat. The final stage of production — cookies are packed in boxes. Here is the manual labor. It seems that the hands of workers, both motors are working non-stop. And then they brought cookies to stores.

Whole plant is ready to produce about 900 tons per month. Now exit — only half of it. There is something to strive for. Especially the demand is growing among residents.

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