In Yaroslavl, opened source of manpower for the pharmaceutical cluster

In Yaroslavl Chemical Technology Lyceum presentation of an unusual classroom. Here in conditions of absolute sterility of future pharmacists will have to improve their professional skills.

This is a room with white walls, any housewife can safely take a sample of purity. Due to the unique ventilation system germs in the air is practically reduced to zero. It is in such circumstances will learn the basics of pharmacy students of Chemical Engineering Lyceum. The new project is called "clean room."

"Learning how to behave, how to walk, to dress, what to touch, what not to touch, it is possible that you can not. Here is a clean room was designed to do ", — said the CEO of the company "Nycomed Russia-" Andrey Potapov

The new training facility is one of the first Russian projects of this level and supported by the Government of the Yaroslavl region.

"This is really very important for the Yaroslavl region. Because the formation of new high-paying specialties and professions available only when you use such a material base ", — said the deputy governor of the Yaroslavl region Victor Kostin

 "Clean Room" maintains the level of sterility, meets all international requirements for the production of medicines. Very soon there will be and its educational production site. It is worth noting, "clean room" appeared in high school by the way, after the first group of professionals to farm cluster from college three years.


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