In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 230 places

March 15, the regional center was inaugurated kindergarten "Malvina". New pre-school educational institution housed 230 seats in the redesigned building. To renovate the premises and equipment of the regional and municipal budgets have been allocated more than 30 million rubles. His discovery was made possible thanks to the implementation of the regional target program "Ensuring the availability of pre-school education in the Sakhalin region in 2011-2015 was." Retooling premises fully completed, the facade of the building are planning to upgrade this summer.

First pupils are waiting here since Monday, March 19. With the kids in addition to the main work of teachers speech therapist, psychologist. By modern standards, equipped with a spacious gym, equipped with all the necessary musical zal.Za the last four years in the urban district opened five kindergarten for 840 places. At this power not going to stop. In 2012, the planned construction of three pre-school educational institutions.

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