In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the new building of the museum book AP Chekhov’s Sakhalin Island

Construction of the new building of literary and art museum book AP Chekhov's "Sakhalin Island" ended in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.Funds will move into the new building in the coming months, following completion of the museum will be divided into two exhibition "Man and Sakhalin eyes Chekhov" and "Sakhalin Island — an unfinished story."

In new building on an area of almost 2,000 square meters combine modern and kinolektsionny exhibition halls, a spacious storage facility, a restoration workshop.

Subsequently, the new building would be part of a large complex, which will include the building Chekhov center and the square of the great classics. In the near future there will be pieces of Chekhov's characters.

In the entrance area on the ground floor of the information display with user-friendly navigation through the museum, posters and news. A flight of stairs is decorated with stylized images of landscapes Sakhalin XIX century and their modern counterparts. In the recreational area instead of the standard buffet is planned to equip a literary cafe. Around the perimeter of the console will be installed, which will be located on the touch screen monitors, with their help, visitors will be able to read a book of Chekhov in different languages, as well as additional information. There is also install vending machines selling the finished products.

In the first room on the first floor visitors will get on a makeshift deck of the steamer "Baikal", which brought the writer to Sakhalin. The deck will add a screen on which the image is projected, creating the illusion of presence on the ship, and even a sense of pitching. The first thing a visitor will see the museum, getting off the deck — a relief model of the Sakhalin Island.

Visitors will see here, and the wall of the prison stockade, followed by a door that leads to the next area of the exhibition — a common cell. Then — mine (dark room), which will be heard the characteristic sounds. The next room — recreation area, will house where peasant hut, Cape Zhonkier layout, etc.

The second floor of the new building is occupied by a spacious exhibition halls with movable screens that will divide the space into zones. The museum is equipped with all necessary devices for self-stay in it people with disabilities. Basements are devoted to multiple data stores, which will transport the exhibits local history and art museums.

The second exhibition will be devoted to the book "Sakhalin Island." It also will house a literary salon and a children's area, where they will conduct classes, workshops with young visitors.

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