Independence Day on the Warsaw

In Warsaw, a very unusual method decided to celebrate Independence Day, some participants nationalist organizations. During March of Independence, they decided to attack the law enforcement officers firecrackers, spread across Marszalkowska street. However, this development for law enforcement was a surprise, only the first few minutes. Quickly dispersed on possible places where the march, they had a proper resistance disheveled protesters, stopping at the root activity of the most violent marchers.

Unfortunately, no injuries have been done — six policemen received injuries of varying severity, despite the presence of a full set of equipment. However, none of the victims was injured seriously — their life is out of danger. By the fact of detention has been made — a few dozen people who are responsible for the unrest and suspected to be football hooligans, will spend the rest of the day a holiday and a few days after him under detention.

Further procession of demonstrators as parallel actions, passed without any incident. Upon reaching the final goal of the march, participants went to a nearby park planned at a rock concert. Just a day in Warsaw held 11 organized processions. One of them led the current President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski. It is worth noting that, compared to last year celebration was relatively peaceful. A year ago, the number of detainees and victims, as well as the size of the damage inflicted on city property by massive collisions were much higher.

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