Input power capacity up to 2012 was the largest in 20 years

At the end of 2012 the total input power capacity was 6.47 GW, which corresponds to the power of the Volga TGC and is about 3% of the capacity of the unified energy system of Russia. This is the largest amount of input in 1991.

According to the survey INFOLine «Thermal Russia over 2012-2016. 10 years of energy reform, "the total power generating units, the input of which was transferred in 2013 amounted to 2.3 GW. Thus, the total volume of new energy capacity could reach 8.7 GW (comparable to the capacity of the former OGC-3).

The total volume of capital investments up to 2012 amounted to 784.2 billion rubles. The actual amount of the financing of investment programs of state companies and private OGK and TGK totaled 865.6 billion rubles.


At the end of 2012 was the launch of the most powerful in the Russian combined-cycle power capacity of 800 MW (capacity increase amounted to 540 MW) power plant at Kirishskaya, PGU-410 at the Krasnodar CHP, the second unit at the Ivanovo PSU. In November, was commissioned power unit PGU-450 at Urengoyskaya power plant and coal power generation by 225 MW power plant at Kharanorskaya, as well as new power unit PGU-450 MW thermal power station on the Right Bank in St. Petersburg.

The total value of sold in 2012 investment projects in thermal power plants amounted to over 90 billion rubles. Thus, in the framework of the PDM projects, on average, the construction of 1 kW of installed capacity costs about 33.8 thousand rubles.

In 2013, the expected commissioning of generation facilities under contracts for supply of power to the wholesale market to increase installed capacity by 3174.55 MW, the power station — 2656 MW. Thus, in 2013 the cost of inputs of investment projects will amount similar to 2012 — about 89.7 billion rubles.

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