Interesting theory

October 29, 2011 22:49

Not long ago, astronomers have found evidence that in the solar system between Jupiter and Mars was a planet.

The proof is the fact that now there is the so-called asteroid belt (consisting of about 400,000 asteroids), and that they found traces of organic molecules, which means that the asteroids broke away from the planet. One hypothesis — is the planet Phaeton.
 This is confirmed by the well-known Titius-Bode. Titius — Bode is an empirical formula, which describes approximately the distance between the planets of the solar system and the Sun (average of the radii of the orbits). The rule does not attract much attention as long as 1781 is not open Uranus, which lay almost exactly on the predicted sequence. And then the Phaeton was introduced as missing from this formula planet. Long ago, during the parade of planets she faced Mars, and after that, Mars became lifeless. A similar fate was awaiting the Earth, but most of the energy put out Mars.

Opponents of this theory argue that each planet has a core that is not found among the asteroids. Accordingly, there is the core — and, therefore, the world was not.

And then there is the explanation of the scientists — Moon is the very core. It turns out that in many chronicles, myths and legends say that it is the moon in the sky, it was not. And it appeared after the Flood. Let us remember that the tides on the planet "managing" the moon. Then we can assume what force could be a surge when the core Phaeton came so close to the Earth's surface. Bodies of water, including that were underground, the tidal forces have been brought to the surface. This was the flood.

We also know that more than 12 000 years ago, the year was 360 days. Increase year by five days scientists explain this: the mass of the Earth has increased by the presence of the moon, the planet has departed further from the sun, the orbit has become more and grew by five days.

But note that not all agree with the theory about the Phaeton and the moon. Some believe that the asteroid belt is not the destruction of the planet, and the planet that has not been able to form due to the gravitational influence of Jupiter and some other giant planets


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