Invasion bibionidov to Moscow: suspicious beetles caught the fancy playgrounds


Many epithets they are not rewarded — and vile and disgusting. In fact they are two-winged and nematoceran. Bibionidy — so called those pesky insects that attack Muscovites. They sit down on the heads, get into apartments and offices, and seems to save them from nowhere.

Mosquitoes-tolstonozhki, bibionidy — nematoceran, Diptera — do not bite, but this does not irritate the less: take the number. For two weeks in the capital of the heat thawed out and woke up billions of insects.

The occupants are short-lived — less than a month. The larvae feed on humus. Even adults dine on flowers and bask on creep, so they are always clearly visible.

In the courtyard outside Milashenkova emergency meeting of tenants has not brought results: where did those pesky insects, and never found out. Suspicious bugs have taken all the playground, their corpses littered slide. Still alive, sunbathing, swinging on swings, and even circling the carousel. Assessing the threat, the residents of the house have decided — let them live. People here love all the wildlife.

Tolstonozhki not tolerate infection, do not drink blood, but intrusive and look creepy. What frighten tourists and Muscovites. Even the guests. Exhausted annoying insects residents of the Shchukin even called in a town square with disinfection. Treatment is carried out domestic drug. Depending on the dosage and effect of mosquitoes and cockroaches, even. For tolstonozhek requires minimal portion.

"Hills, benches, horizontal bars should not touch them, because if the drug gets into the stomach, may be upset," — warns senior disinfector Moscow city sanitary and epidemiological station Alexander Volokytin.

Specialists handle the bushes, be sure to trash cans. Because not touch yourself playgrounds, tolstonozhki eventually going to be there. Entomologists believe that because of the warm winter has survived last year's larvae. Burnt forest around the city forced insects move to the capital, and here fresh soil on the lawn. Lots of colors.

"We keep track of them, as the harm to the person is not brought. Combat this is almost impossible, and unnecessary, I think. A week later, two will go to reduce and everyone will forget about these mosquitoes" — promises Head, Department of Medical Entomology, Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine. EI Martsinovsky. Lyudmila Gannushkina.

Abnormal weather has meant that prematurely awakened not only mosquitoes. Entomologists are fixed in the capital increase in the population of cockroaches, fleas, lice and ticks — here on these already need to pay attention.

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