Invisible creatures of nature

September 9, 2012 13:40

Invisible creatures of nature

Moth caterpillar likes to decorate themselves with flowers

The total number of species that live on our planet, scientists estimated at about 8.7 million, but currently classified more than 20% of that number. Most often, the study of new types of delayed simply because some species of living beings are dying sooner than scientists have time to write them down in your encyclopedia. But there is another reason: many animals (especially insects) simply prefer not to be seen by curious researchers …

Because life — the fight

Each in his own struggles to survive in this world. Who resorts to force, who — trick. And what a poor butterfly caterpillars of moths of the family, who wants to have breakfast every bird for the sole reason that has a very poor track appetizing? That's right — to make possible less appetizing.
Over millions of years, insects have come up with many ways to disguise. Some pretend to dry twigs, stems or leaves, others mimic entirely merged with the surface on which are at the moment. But moth caterpillar went his own way — a graceful and beautiful. Throughout her life, like a lady of high society, regularly … dresses in bright, festive attire.

House of the high fashion, so to speak, for the caterpillars are the flowers — the most eye-catching and most beautiful of all that grow nearby. Climbing on a flower, a caterpillar bite off part of its petals and bright with sticky liquid silk, which she and highlights, glued over yourself with these petals from top to bottom. In that outfit she wears while petals wither. And as soon as "dress" is losing a fresh look, hurry to the next track, a flower "couturier" and doing it all over again.
Such dressing can be tens or even hundreds of times, until the caterpillar of sophisticated ladies no small hatch,
but beautiful as a flower, a pale green butterfly.
By the way, this Moth caterpillar named because it is, because of the structural features, moves as if the measures out inch by inch the ground on which moves.

Aggressive grasshopper

Invisible creatures of nature

Echinated scary devil in essence — an ordinary grasshopper

The name of the enemy of the human race people gave many animals, fish and plants. But this time has earned the dubious distinction of common grasshopper, which zoologists named Spined Devil.
It is worth to note that the grasshopper, it is not quite ordinary. He does not like to hide, like his fellows, so that usually merge with the grass that they only heard, but not seen. And never will be "dress in the latest fashion," like our previous heroin. Echinated devil is always in sight (unless, of course, as is true of the Amazon basin, where there is this representative Orthoptera). He is prepared to battle anyone who encroach on his life and liberty. And, to "any" includes birds, and even small monkeys. Despite the fact that the amount of aggressive cricket rather modest (6-7 cm), he is all studded with sharp and dangerous-looking spikes.
In case of danger grasshopper raises the forelegs, which are particularly long spines, and starts waving them menacingly.
Typically, these actions produce the expected experience. Predator thinks smoke without fire, and just this little thing behaves "like a big", then behind it something dangerous. He prefers to leave and not to deal with the "devil." If the enemy comes to persistent and waving spines reacts little or no response, grasshopper changes tactics: he smartly turns, lifts hind legs, showing them unbearably bright interior color. While predator rubs his eyes and trying to figure out what it was, grasshopper quietly disappears into the grass.
After all, in actual fact, he had nothing to defend himself: he was not barbs dangerous.

Pompeii worm your comrade

Invisible creatures of nature

Pompeii worm prefer extreme life

This creature looks like an even more terrible than the evil grasshopper from Amazon. But the chance to meet him you even less. After Pompeian worm lives only in the depths of the ocean, and there he finds the places where you do not run the risk of penetrating even the most experienced divers.
The most comfortable place to live in, in terms of Pompeian worm is a "black smokers" — high-temperature hydrothermal vents are located on the bottom, in the geologically active areas of the ocean.
Temperature of the water surrounding the "smokers", rises to 100 ° C, but the Pompeii worm does not care. These creatures are built directly into the boiling water in the vicinity of "smokers" their "houses" — hollow tubes of white — and live in them comfortable enough.
Scientists are trying to determine how "amateur extreme" manages not to cook in your own home, and found a very interesting feature. It appears, from the outside the house worm water can boil and plenty to evaporate in the temperature of the tube is always kept at a comfortable level than — 20-22 ° C.
Pompeian as craftsman "regulates" the temperature at home — is still a mystery.
The only "friends" Pompeian worm were filamentous bacteria that cover his body.
The worm feeds the bacteria slime, giving them access to fresh water, and he absorbs that produced by bacteria. This is his main source of power and the only protective shell.
Despite the fact that the worm Pompeian and his "friends on the symbiosis of" living in the boiling water with a high concentration of heavy metals and hydrogen sulfide, they live happily than unimaginably amazing researchers.

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