Is it possible to disarm the rebels in Libya?

In the ordinary course of human events occurring in areas of Libya, one might get the very real sense of déjà vu. Still, much of the "democratic" operations under the banner of the overthrow of the totalitarian regime in the world happened only in the past decade. Have not had time to go into the archives of universal brotherhood NATO members and Iraqis over the capture and execution of Saddam Hussein's barbaric, as already looming on the screens of cheerful faces "liberated from the yoke of" Libyans. But without looking at all the similarities with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, is at the Libyan operation and an entirely different side. If in past cases, the "democratization" of the Americans with NATO actually changed the existing system without the support of the local population, in Libya, such support is available. So it kind of joy and singing to the main sowers of democracy in the world, but something all the same does not give the western world peace. What did it? — Try to answer this question.

Is it possible to disarm the rebels in Libya?

The situation in Libya grew into a full-scale confrontation between Gaddafi's army and so referred to as "rebels" in apparent support of the last third countries. These countries have implemented very rapidly dispersed a crowd of people in different kinds of weapons, including MANPADS, small arms, explosive devices. If Now the question of overthrowing Colonel actually resolved, then the question is, how to hint "winners" that would be nice "ruzhishkom" and back to pass, remains open. You can imagine for yourself how to react to the belligerent opposition Jamahiriya, if the uncle would come to them in the form of American or French and "ask" to return the provided tool holders. In the best case, they will be asked to retire for good — health information, and at worst — also be forced to respect the new Libyan authorities with machine-gun fire from the barrel, razlyubezno provided by the allies.

By the way, with the Libyan authorities is also not entirely clear. How to have their own favorite and has Abdel Jalil, but with all due respect to the man, to consolidate the society after the bloodiest war it is unlikely to succeed. It is still necessary to know the principles vnutriliviyskih relations. In fact, the Libyan government even metal Gaddafi's rule was a confederation of different clans. If the interests of these clans are respected, all was quiet and peaceful, and if not, be a failure. That's bad luck or, as it is called in the West, and came to the release of the Libyan land. You can definitely state that in such a situation the favorite of every clan will try to grab a piece of the pie sweeter and more.

Do not forget that the European and South American "partners" also want a share. Moreover, the word "share" there may not even be fully appropriate. These citizens, what could cheat here, want to get it all: oil and gas fields, the control of the transport system of the country, the functions of the indirect control of all Libyan resources of the country. But here zahochut whether rebels who fought for the Allies in Tripoli, so just give what the West has lust. The issue can be called completely rhetorical. Already, there is a tendency congestion rebels not only of guns, which they stocked NATO, and the guns seized as booty.

It should be said that in the middle of the so-called fighters for the liberation of Libya many persons involved in terrorist groups. For the same Al-Qaeda is now Libya — a real arsenal, where you can make great supplies tools, without spending a dime.

Already at this time, many European and Middle Eastern (first Israeli media), beating the alarm about the uncontrolled spread of weapons from the territory of a belligerent Libya. Under the guise of the favorites of Colonel Gaddafi and his army of men with machine guns and grenade launchers almost freely crossed the Libyan-Egyptian border. Thence tool delivered straight to the Gaza Strip through a network of underground tunnels.
Many politicians are calling for public figures transitional Libyan authorities to top disarmament own army. And here again there is a question: whether to break zahochut people who are used to using the tools to make a living? Apparently, a rebel trap can get not only Colonel Qaddafi, and European countries. Armed men can fully develop "antikrestovy" campaign, seeing as the "misery" of their Muslim brothers in London, Paris and other cities. These people can come up with the idea that much of the Muammar if they were able to throw off the pedestal of the imperative, the other for their — just "zilch".

On the basis of these judgments, the recent Israel and Europe can cover the real terrorist wave, with the support of Libyan weapons. Only the most moderate estimates of samples of the 1st Infantry guns only in the hands of the rebels more than 100 thousand units. Add to that the land mines, grenades, missiles and MANPADS, then this may be the terrorist underground arsenal only rejoice … It turns out that Sarkozy, Obama and the rest of the champions of democracy in Libya themselves sawing off the branch on which sit. Obmyslennaya politics — do not say anything …

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