January 29, oil will flow through the tube of the Odessa-Brody constantly

Constant supply of oil via the Odessa-Brody pipeline to the Mozyr refinery will start from January 29. This was announced today in Gomel, First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko.

As learned from falls, Semashko attended a meeting of Gomel Oblast Executive Committee.

According to first deputy prime minister, a tanker with Azeri oil to be substituted for Venezuelan oil swap contract already moored in the sea port. As reported before, This year, for such a scheme is planned to pump about 4 million tons of hydrocarbons.

On the issue of the short-term large-scale industrial enterprises of Gomel region, which largely determine the economy of the region, and in particular the refinery, Vladimir Semashko noted that the refinery in will be loaded to full capacity. Despite the fact that at the beginning of the year there was some hesitation, for obvious reasons, the first quarter growth rate of marketable production will be in the company of at least 110% of the level last year.

Returning to the Belarusian-Russian negotiations on the supply of oil, which ended recently, Vladimir Semashko said that initially, despite existing agreements at the highest level of duty-free oil supplies, the Russian side proposed to increase the price of 1 ton of oil for $ 90-100, but during negotiations that figure was reduced by about 3 times.

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